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KC's Oldest Locally Owned Beer
established May 8, 1996

From our original brewery at 5151 Merriam Drive, our first full batch of Amber Ale was filter and carbonated on May 7, 1996.  The next morning the beer was kegged into 1/2 barrels, as we owned zero 1/6 barrel kegs at the time, and within hours Crawford Sales (yes, we were in the Bud house at the time) had pick up the beer and delivered 2 of those kegs to Jerry Bait Shop at 13412 Santa Fe Trail Drive.  The Bait Shop was our very first account and we celebrated on May 8, 1996 in a packed bar. 


            We drank alot of beer that night.

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If love is blind, I guess I'll buy myself a cane. (GNR)

For another day, I live forever.


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