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Flying Monkey Amber Ale


Well balanced, moderately malty with our classic soft finish.

Winning beer drinkers over, and paying our bills, since 1996

Flying Monkey Four-finger Stout


Dark and roasty, mashed in with copious amounts of roasted barley to deliver a big up-front flavor, followed by our typical dry finish.  Fantastic


Road Trip Series-Robtimus 20, A Pale Ale

72 IBU, 7.2 abv.  Long boils of Centennial and four additions of Chinnok provides a hoppy alternative with a strong residual hop finish.

Flying Monkey Wheat Beer

Crisp and refreshing. Brewed with 40% malted wheat with an added emphasis on Caramel and Munich malts for mountfeel and flavor.

Mac's Beer

Regular beer for Exceptional People.  Light, crisp and refreshing.  Top fermented, so it's not like most light-bodied beers.  Available in a 12oz can

Minsky's Burlesque Lager. Available on tap at Minsky's Pizza all over the KC metro area.  Our interpretation of a golden lager, lighter than our other beers and absolutely perfect with the great pizza our friends at Minsky's are making each and every time.
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